REDWINGS World Championships of Handboarding Videos

1.  1998 REDWINGS World Championships of Handboarding Championships
Held at Point Panic, July 12 and 13, 1998.
Opening memorial, wave-calling chants and all of the contest footage.
Fully edited and titled in VHS format.
Great music by Butch Helemano, Mike Ka`awe and slack key master Uncle Ray Kane and his wife Elodia singing Hawai`i Aloha.
Prices: $20 each, 3 to 5 for $18, 6 to 10 for $15, and 11 or more for $12.

2. Hawaiian Bodysurfing and boarding Championships at Point Panic
July 1988
Preliminary and final heats with rides by REDWINGS and other greats including
Clarence Akina, Vance Chun, Bob Thomas, Kimo Kana ’ e.
Unedited archival footage
120 minutes for $29.95.

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